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Did you know that a street in Houghton Regis was named after an

Olympic athlete? or that a Second World War Cooking Depot was once located

in Easthill Road? How about the historic artefacts that were found at Easthill

Farm during the 1950s or the Victorian Business Woman who owned premises

at Bedford Road?


These are just a few of the stories which have made Houghton Regis the

town that it is today, and Up Above The Streets and Houses documents

the history of the area through its people and buildings, which have given

their names to many of the streets.

How can I order a copy of 'Up Above The Streets and Houses'?


Up Above The Streets and Houses, by Sarah Gelsthorp, contains some 'never published before' photographs from local people and archives, combined with facts and information about the three residential areas of Houghton Regis; Houghton Hall, Tithe Farm and Parkside.


All proceeds (after printing costs) are being donated to Houghton Regis organisations, but principally, Houghton Regis Heritage Society. The book is now available to purchase, and to order your copy, please click here (to be directed to the web shop).

Welcome to the website for 'Up Above The Streets and houses' the book about the naming of the streets in Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire.


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